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Have a Leaky Roof? Expert Roof Repair for Newmarket, ON

Contact DVR Roofing for a Free Roof Leak Repair Estimate

Situated in the Golden Horseshoe Region of Southern Ontario, Newmarket is part of the Greater Toronto Area. The birthplace of famous comedians John Candy and Jim Carrey, Newmarket is often recognized as one of Canada’s Best Places to Live. Its proximity to Toronto makes it an ideal commuter town with convenient access to both Ontario Highway 400 and Ontario Highway 404. However, the area also sees moderate-to-heavy amounts of precipitation and moisture from the Great Lakes Region, which can wreak year-round havoc upon a roofing system. Not to worry; DVR Roofing specializes in roof leak repairs in Newmarket and surrounding Toronto suburbs. Our licensed, insured roofers are capable of installing new roofing of various types, including cedar, slate, and fibreglass shingles, all of which are recommended in this climate. If you’d like a free roofing estimate, we encourage you to reach out to us!

Over 30 Years’ Combined Roofing Experience Backed by Warranty

Newmarket roofing is in capable hands when you entrust the job to DVR Roofing. Our roofers have over 30 years of combined experience backed by one of the industry’s leading warranties. Whether you have hail damage or a roof leak, we’d be happy to offer an honest on-site inspection and evaluation. You never have to worry about our roofing contractors trying to upsell you on any roofing services you don’t need, as we don’t work on commission. We treat you and your property with the professionalism and respect you both deserve, taking care to provide thorough clean-up afterward. When we’ve gone, you won’t be able to tell we were ever there except for the brand-new or like-new roof left behind!

Why Are Roof Inspections So Important in Southern Ontario?

Regular roof inspections are critical no matter where you live, but especially in Southern Ontario. Thanks to the amount of moisture we experience in the humid summers, wet springs and falls, and snowy winters, your roofing may be more prone to leaks than roofing found in dryer regions. You should have your roof inspected by our roofers in the spring and fall to ensure everything’s okay. There are also specific steps you can take to prevent leaks in-between professional roofing inspections. This includes keeping your trees trimmed away from your roofline and installing gutter guards to prevent clogs. Using a pair of binoculars with your feet planted safely on the ground, you can also keep a watchful eye for signs of roofing shingle and hail damages. Lastly, when you need a roof repair in Newmarket, don’t ignore it. The longer you wait, the more extensive your roofing damages may end up being.

Roof Repair in Newmarket, Ontario and Surrounding Toronto Area

DVR Roofing has thousands of satisfied residential and commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area. We’d love to add your name to our list in Newmarket, Ontario. Contact us via phone or our online form to request a free roofing estimate from our reputable family-owned roofing company today!


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