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Durable Slate Roofing in Scarborough, ON

New Installation & Slate Roof Repair for Toronto Homes

Fewer types of roofing can match slate roofing for its aesthetics, durability, or longevity. Made of 100% natural stone, slate roofing comes in a multitude of colours and textures to uniquely complement any home’s style. When properly maintained, slate roofing has some of the industry’s longest-lasting shingles (lasting 150 years or more in some cases) that are fire-, mold-, and frost-resistant. Many homeowners choose this type of roofing because it’s also environmentally-friendly. If you’re interested in new slate roofing repair in Scarborough for your home, DVR Roofing would be more than happy to provide you with a free installation estimate anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

house with gray slate roof

Benefits of Investing in Slate Roofing from DVR Roofing

As one of the most respected roofing companies in Toronto, DVR Roofing only recommends roofing materials that are ideal for our Southern Ontario climate. You can’t get much better than slate roofing. While slate roofing’s initial installation costs may be a little higher than other types of roofing, it’s usually worth the investment. Benefits of slate roofing for your Toronto-area home include:

  • Beauty– Slate roofing adds instant curb appeal and elegance to any home. With so many colours and textures available, slate roofing complements any Toronto-area home. Become the envy of your neighbours with a beautiful, new slate roof installed by us today!
  • Eco-Friendly– Slate shingles are capable of being recycled, and they don’t give off any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other forms of pollution during their manufacture or installation. If using eco-friendly roofing materials to reduce your impact on the environment is important to you, slate roofing makes an ideal choice.
  • Energy-Efficient– Slate shingles typically provide better insulation, which results in lower energy costs when compared with other types of roofing. Ask us for more details on how you can decrease your monthly energy bills with energy-efficient roofing and venting!
  • Low Maintenance – Slate roofing requires little to no maintenance, which is convenient for most of today’s harried homeowners. Our Toronto roofing company easily handles slate roof repairs by sliding out and replacing the damaged pieces. If you need a roof leak repair, our roofers provide quick response times for your peace of mind.
slate roof

Cost-Efficient Composite Slate Roofing in the Toronto Area

While slate roofing is deemed a worthy investment by many homeowners, DVR Roofing recognizes the fact that not all of our customers are willing or able to invest the time and money into it. Natural slate roofing shingles can be quite expensive to install because of the high quarry and transportation costs involved, not to mention the special attention they require to cut and nail because they’re fragile and can crack easily during or after the installation process.

However, if you like the look of natural slate roofing but are seeking a more cost-efficient and less labour-intensive alternative, we also offer composite slate roofing in the Greater Toronto Area. While it’s a synthetic form of slate roofing, you won’t be able to tell the difference aesthetically speaking. Composite slate roofing is made to mimic natural slate roofing for a beautiful, handcrafted finish at a fraction of the installation cost. Toronto roofing is a breeze when you hire the professional roofers from DVR Roofing to look out for your new installation and roof repair needs!

Request Your Free Slate Roofing Estimate in the GTA Today

Because slate roofing shingles come in a variety of thicknesses, it’s best to entrust all-new slate roofing installations to only those roofing companies in Toronto who specialize in this unique roofing material. For your peace of mind, DVR Roofing has many years of experience working with new slate roofing for Vaughan and Greater Toronto Area homeowners and businesses of all sizes. If you think slate roofing may be right for your roofing needs, please contact us today to request your free roofing estimate. We’ll tell you upfront how much it will cost for you to invest in this beautiful, long-lasting type of roofing with an honest, on-site assessment!

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